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We began to operate in 1993 as a family business; this experience has given us the vision and expertise to support our customers. Throughout these years we have mastered the process of making and providing maintenance to tortilla machines. What makes us different is that we care about customers´ satisfaction. We don´t only sell machines, we provide full training in machine maintenance and tortilla production.


We have approached the market with creative solutions that put in the hands of our customers quality equipment at a good price and excellent payment options. Currently we are a proudly Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of machinery for the automatic production of tortillas, as well as specialized machinery to create this product inputs. We have also expanded our vision and now, more than ever, we want to be approachable for our international business partners.


Our primary objective remains the satisfaction of our customers in the pre and post sales service, and for this, we are aware that we must begin by presenting the best quality product on the market. Our products are easy to use and fully guaranteed and that is supported by the excellent team of TAPSA trained professionals. We are available to help at all times; we are fully trained and knowledgeable in all our machinery


We invite you to try many new features, new versions of models , and ultimately , the excellent result of all the work done by TAPSA Crew.